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-- Red Heart the Ticker --

We played a show with these guys in Oakland when they were on tour a few months ago. They are real sweet folks and put on a great show. Robin on guitar and Ty played bass and had borrowed an upright for the show from a local 10-year old. They left a copy of their CD and it's been steadily growing on me. Dark, folky, and just the right amount of pop hooks to make it memorable and catchy. I woke up this morning singing the lyric "Roll down your window, baby" and had to figure out which song that came from. It makes me think of my friend's country pickup story - when two dudes in a low rider pulled up next to her at a light and gave her their line, simply "We've got beer." Here it is "Racing Stripe Winter" check out Red Heart the Ticker's site. Hope to see them in Philly when I'm out there.